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MAXD-OUT ST Mk8 development continues

Fiesta ST Mk8 2018 Stage 1R
The latest project from MAXD-OUT continues to be the fantastic ST MK8 Fiesta, with over 100 of these mapped through the Pumaspeed dealer network we are now seeing independent dyno results coming through from our customers. Upto 263bhp has been achieved on stage 1R as you can see below, an incredible result considering the minimal hardware changes required to run this calibration! Anyone who was worried that the new 1.5T Dragon engine would not be anywhere near as tuneable as the 1.6 EcoBoost engine need no fear, with stage 2 and 3 work well underway, it won't be long before we see a 300bhp 1.5T 3 cylinder Fiesta!
This stage 1R tune has been tested for many thousands miles and in many countries and climates to ensure durability and reliability. The new calibration is available free to existing stage 1 ST Mk8 MAXD-OUT customers who have the MAXD-OUT programmer as part of the product loyalty program. For new customers it is available exclusively through Pumaspeed and their ever expanding dealer network.
The moment the brand new Fiesta Mk8 ST was launched the guys at MAXD-OUT were hard at work with the Pumaspeed development car. They very quickly launched a super safe stage 1 file which took the market by storm. Running no more than stock boost levels this sweet stage 1 tune put no more stress on the motor than stock due to OE boost levels, some even termed it WARRANTY SAFE as it could quickly and easily be removed at home.

              Since the stage 1 file was launched, MAXD-OUT has been working in the background to develop a map worthy of the MAXD-OUT stage 1R name. After months of many hard miles both on track and road and with a number of development cars across Europe, both MAXD-OUT and Pumaspeed are happy to announce this new version of the hugely anticipated Mk8 ST stage 1R file

NEW Pumaspeed ST FIESTA ON THE DYNOFiesta ST Puamspeed Datalogging

Not only has this calibration proven itself to have the best performance increases available over any other tune on the Fiesta ST Mk8 market, it also features exclusively to MAXD-OUT, unique features including on the road switchable mapping. Normal driving mode and Sport mode have some very differing features that enhance the driving experience in a way only MAXD-OUT know how to do.

In normal mode the car is very much OEM+ with all eco features enabled such as cylinder deactivation and stop start whilst maintaining the performance everybody expects from the MAXD-OUT mapping calibrations. Hit the sport mode button and the car comes alive with amplified crackles on overrun, sharper throttle response, more aggressive hardcut limiter, refined launch control and the full fat performance that over 3000 MAXD-OUT users from various cars are used to!

Available as both an in house flash map from Pumaspeed HQ or with the DIY MAXD-OUT flash tuning box available through the Pumaspeed dealer network, meaning your Fiesta ST Mk8 can be mapped remotely anywhere in the world, you cannot get a better mapping for the New 2018+ Fiesta ST Mk8.

Any current MAXD-OUT stage 1 customers are welcome to this brand new file at no additional cost, new customers have two options with either the workshop fitted option at £329.99 or the DIY flash tuning box at £429.99.

MAXD-OUT Tuning  -  Nothing Comes Close..